Cultivation advice and guidance

orchids, anthuriums or hortensias. We visit foreign companies on demand, fitting our schedule and the chosen form of contract to said demand. Furthermore, we use modern technology like computer conferencing (e.g. skype). During these visits / contact moments, we co-operate with our clients to reach the best business results. We are able to provide advice on all those subjects important in horticulture: climate control, irrigation, fertilization, crop protection and cultivation acts.


During company visits we advise growers about the best climate necessary for a good growth result and how to achieve this.climate (based on the clients data). It is possible for us to monitor the climate remotely.

Fertilization and irrigation

Almost all companies will have had the drain water and dripping water analysed on a regular basis. Based on those results and the growing stage, fertilization advises are provided. Plant sap analyses and dry matter determinations can be assessed by us and can be used to complete our fertilization advise. Irrigation strategies can be provided too.

Crop protection

Crop protection is an important issue. While visiting a greenhouse we will discuss with the person responsible for the crop protection the pests and plaques in the crop. Advises are given on how to handle those, focussing on biological control.

Cultivation acts

During our visits the status of the drops are looked at and discussed: which cultivation operations are expedient or even necessary to achieve the desired results.